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OROSE has its own romantic atmosphere, the selection of 100% silkworm silk material, give people a comfortable and languid feeling, which is easy to relax down.

​Designers seek inspiration from nature and life, and design all kinds of printing and natural pure color. It aims to make silk full of youthful vigor and vitality through various artistic simple designs, and convey to customers, so that customers can feel the power of the brand.

​Different from ordinary bedding, each piece of OROSE bedding is endowed with more modern and fashionable flavor. It not only meets the basic sleep needs of consumers, but also satisfies their demand for beauty and fashion.

​The brand is positioned at light luxury silk bedding and high-end custom brand. From the design of bedding itself, quality and packaging, designers strive to perfect every detail, which fully shows people's pursuit of delicacy. Team


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